Sen. Marco Rubio Endorses GROW Elect

San Diego, CA – United States Senator Marco Rubio today voiced his support for GROW Elect, the GOP organization dedicated to electing Latino Republicans to state and local offices across the nation’s largest state.

Senator Rubio declared, “GROW Elect is working to elect qualified conservative Latino Republicans to office. Their efforts are important because they are advancing the ideals of free enterprise, personal responsibility, and individual liberty throughout California. I appreciate GROW Elect’s energetic and dynamic efforts to strengthen the Republican Party and fight for the principles we share.”

Ruben Barrales, President of GROW Elect, responded to the Senator’s statement, “We are proud to have earned the confidence and support of one of our nation’s most important and exciting political leaders. Senator Rubio has distinguished himself as a thoughtful and innovative reformer and he is a role model for our candidates and elected officials. We are honored to have Senator Rubio’s endorsement for GROW Elect.”

Senator Rubio joins former Governor Mitt Romney, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former Governor Jeb Bush, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, former White House Senior Advisor Karl Rove, California Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff and Assembly Republican Leader Connie Conway, among others, in formally endorsing GROW Elect’s efforts.