GROW Endorses Local Candidates from Across California for 2014 Elections

After a successful 2013, where a majority of GROW Elect’s candidates won their elections, the GROW Elect Board of Directors has now turned its attention to the fast approaching 2014 elections and issued its first round of candidate endorsements for the year. Candidates running for local offices from Hollister, Madera County, Santa Clarita, Long Beach, Ontario, Fullerton, and the City of Walnut, among others, were endorsed and will be receiving financial and other support from GROW Elect in their campaigns.

The Board will consider a new round of endorsements on February 20th. Local candidates who are interested in receiving GROW’s support should email and request an application and return it before February 19th.  It’s important for candidates – in order to maximize their chances for success – to get started on the nuts and bolts of fundraising and campaigning as early as possible in 2014.

Reserve the Date – March 1st – for GROW Campaign Training

GROW Elect’s staff will be holding a campaign training school for local candidates on Saturday, March 1st, in Bell Gardens. The session will start at 10am. This is an important opportunity for candidates, and those considering running for office, to learn more about the nuts and bolts of local campaigns. For more information and to attend, please email us at

Good News: Univision Poll Reconfirms Cannella, Denham, Valadao and Vidak Show the Way on Appealing to Latino Voters

Newly released polling conducted of Latino voters for Univision contains good news for a number of California Republican elected officials. GOP State Senators Anthony Cannella and Andy Vidak, along with Congressman Jeff Denham and Congressman David Valadao, all receive positive ratings from Latino voters in their respective districts. Each Republican officeholder has a large Latino population in their district and each one defeated a Latino Democrat in their last election.

It’s impressive that Denham has a net favorability after defeating the first Latino astronaut in space and that Cannella has a more than two-to-one favorable rating. Particularly striking is that Vidak has almost a three-to-one favorable rating while Congressman Valadao has a stunning five-to-one favorable to unfavorable rating among Latino voters. These GOP leaders provide powerful evidence that California Republicans can successfully appeal to Latino voters and win their votes.

GROW’s Alavarado Conducts Training for GOP Leaders in Northern California

GROW’s Luis Alvarado was in Santa Rosa earlier this month to conduct a workshop for a regional political training seminar for candidates and CRP grassroots and county party leaders in Northern California. Republicans from Mendocino, Solano, Humboldt, Sonoma, Yolo, Napa, Modoc and Lake Counties, among others, learned about building a successful minority outreach and inclusion program. Specific strategies and tactics for a number of local races and districts were brought up by those in attendance. As the 2014 elections approach, GROW Elect will be front and center in helping Republican leaders from all corners of the state engage minority communities in their districts.