GROW Elect Seeking Candidates for 2015 Elections

Endorses Marcelino Valdez for CRP Central Valley Vice-Chair

GROW Elect Endorses Local Candidates from Across California for 2015 Elections

In 2014, a majority of GROW Elect candidates won their elections.  We are proud to have helped over 90 candidates run successfully for public office.

GROW Elect is now focused on the various local elections across the state this year.  GROW Elect will be issuing its first round of 2015 candidate endorsements soon.  Qualified Republican candidates running for local office in California will receive financial contributions and other support from GROW Elect in their campaigns.

Local Republican candidates who are interested in receiving GROW Elect’s support should request an application by email at, and return it before February 20, 2015.  It’s important for candidates – in order to maximize their chances for success – to get started on the nuts and bolts of fundraising and campaigning as early as possible in 2015.

GROW Elect Endorses Marcelino Valdez for reelection as CRP Central Valley Vice-Chair

GROW Elect is proud to endorse Marcelino Valdez for re-election as California Republican Party Central Valley Vice-Chair.  Marcelino has been an important partner of GROW Elect since being elected CRP Central Valley Vice-Chair in 2013. We have seen firsthand Marcelino’s efforts to build our party in this crucial region. He is a Central Valley native, born and raised in Fresno County.  Since 2008, Marcelino has faithfully served as a Republican speaker in both English and Spanish media. He has also worked on numerous political campaigns to help get Republicans elected.

Marcelino Valdez
Central Valley Vice-Chair
California Republican Party
GROW Elect Gets National Attention: Meet The Group Getting Latino Republicans Elected In CaliforniaGROW Elect’s success in electing Republican candidates has been profiled in a recent BuzzFeed article entitled “Meet The Group Getting Latino Republicans Elected In California”. The article reads: “GROW Elect has helped get 90 Latino Republicans elected in California, all with an eye towards diversifying the Republican Party….”

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Growing Rift Between Latinos and the Democratic Party Highlighted

The upcoming race for US Senate in California has exposed political tensions within the Democratic Party regarding their treatment of Latinos in the political process. Here is just one of many articles highlighting the divisions. In it, one Latino leader states: “I think it would be very dangerous for the Democratic Party to ignore the role of Latinos in California as part of its base, and if the Democratic Party does not invest in Latino candidates, they should not assume it would always be a blue state.”

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