GROW ELECT Winners Beat the Odds and Win in California!

While last Tuesday’s election was sobering for California Republicans, GROW ELECT successfully supported the election of an unprecedented number of Latino Republicans to offices throughout the state. Nearly three dozen Latino Republicans who were GROW ELECT candidates won their campaigns.  Below are some highlights. Stay tuned for future information on additional GROW ELECT winners.


Guerrero Triumphs Over Disgusting Nazi Smear

Jack Guerrero (Pictured Above) not only beat back a vicious well-funded assault from Democrats and Marijuana interests, which included an altered photo portraying him in a Nazi uniform, he won his race for City Council and his slate of reformers captured majority control of the Cudahy City Council.


Millennial Latinos Win Office

Three impressive GROW ELECT Millennial Latinos all won their campaigns.

Theodore Sanchez (Pictured Above) did the hard work of door to door and targeted messaging needed to win a grassroots campaign for an open seat on the San Bernardino City Council representing the area he grew up in.

Bernadette Suarez (Pictured Above) fought back a challenge to retain her seat on the Lawndale City Council and emerged as the top vote-getter.

Joshua Hoover (Pictured Above), a policy staffer at the State Capitol, was the top vote-getter and won a seat on the Folsom Cordova Unified School Board.


Iglesias and Hernandez Successfully Follow the GROW ELECT Model

The GROW ELECT model helps candidates get elected, prove themselves, and later advance to higher local elected offices.

In Santa Ana, Cecilia Iglesias (Pictured Above), a GROW ELECT school board member, was the target of sustained union attacks but won an overwhelming victory over two other candidates to take a seat on the Santa Ana City Council.

In San Benito County, Peter Hernandez (Pictured Above), a candidate that GROW ELECT helped previously to win a local school board seat, won a position on the County Board of Supervisors.


Impressive New Faces Elected to Office

Some first-time candidates won solid victories and promise to be future stars in their regions.

Carlos Rodriguez (Pictured Above) built and executed a strong campaign to secure a seat on the Yorba Linda City Council.

Christopher Rodriguez (Pictured Above), an energetic candidate with a background as a veteran, businessman and farmer worked hard to capture a seat on the Oceanside City Council.