GROW Elect Update


While most political pundits were focused on East Coast elections on Tuesday night, GROW Elect scored more election victories right here in California. Most California municipalities with off-year elections have shifted their electoral contests from 2017 to next year, but that didn’t stop GROW Elect from helping some great candidates in the few local jurisdictions holding elections yesterday. Highlights included the re-election of Cucamonga Valley Water District Board Member Luis Cetina (Pictured top left), a rising star with a bright future, and the victory of newcomer Gracie Retamoza (Pictured top right) to the South El Monte City Council. Gracie is the second Republican we have helped to elect to that predominately Democrat city in Southeast LA County!



More than 150 people filled the beautiful La Jolla home of business and philanthropic leaders Tom and Cookie Sudberry to support the work of GROW Elect last month. San Diego Mayor Kevin Faluconer was the Guest of Honor and Senate Republican Leader Patricia Bates and Assemblywoman Marie Waldron were among our honored guests. San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore and Supervisor Ron Roberts were also in attendance. The audience heard from GROW Elect stars Mike Hestrin, Riverside County District Attorney, and Esther Valdes, Coronado School Board Member.  Additional GROW elected officials attending included San Diego City Councilwoman Lori Zapf, Chula Vista City Councilman Mike Diaz and Rancho Water Board Member Angel Garcia.

We are deeply grateful to Mayor Faulconer, the Sudberrys, the New Majority San Diego and all the supporters and elected officials who made this such a successful and inspiring event!



Opinion Columnist Raoul Lowery Contreras wrote about the San Diego fundraiser and GROW Elect’s work in a recent piece in Washington, D.C.’s The Hill newspaper. Contreras wrote about GROW Elect that, “They school Hispanic Republicans to run for elective office from water districts up to and including the state legislature. They help with voter materials, strategy and money. Money raised at events like this one in San Diego.”

“For example, Esther Valdes, a Hispanic immigration attorney and single mother raised in poverty by immigrant Mexicans parents decided to run for her school board; she had no idea how to run. She connected with Grow Elect. They advised her and they designed, printed and mailed political pieces to her voters. She won, the first Hispanic to win election … She won with 67 percent of the vote a year ago.”

“…Grow Elect is doing what should have been done 50 years ago…”