GROW Elect Update

Another GROW Elect Victory!

GROW Elect candidate Angel Garcia (Pictured Above) pulled off an upset win in a large field of candidates for the Rancho California Water District in Riverside County. GROW provided Angel with financial support and voter targeting expertise. Polling confirms that water policy has surged in importance to voters since California’s multi-year drought. There is new attention being paid to the tremendous power and importance of water districts across the state. We look forward to Angel providing leadership on water policy for years to come.


Gilroy’s Mayor Gets it Done!

Gilroy’s new Mayor, Roland Velasco (Pictured Above), has hit the ground running by aggressively engaging state government and successfully tackling a long-festering problem in the heart of his city. The city’s main road – First Street – has been in bad shape and only getting worse. As the local paper reported, “As the road condition increasingly worsened over the last few years, locals and visitors began circumventing the bumpy, pothole-riddled street that is the main artery to grocery stores, retail, restaurants and many other services.” Local businesses were suffering.

In addition, 60 to 70 year old water pipes under the road desperately needed to be repaired and upgraded. But First Street is actually State Highway 152 and Caltrans had to approve the pipe repairs and was responsible for paving and fixing the road. But years passed with no action until Velasco launched an aggressive effort with Caltrans, state legislators and the California Transportation Commission. He got the pipe repairs approved and a temporary paving of First Street while getting the permanent road replacement moved up four years to the Fall of 2018. For more information:

GROW Elect is proud to have played a key role in Roland’s election to the City Council in 2014 and his landslide upset victory over Gilroy’s Mayor in 2016.


GROW Elect on Hunt for Candidates

A number of local elections are being held in jurisdictions across California this Fall. If you know of a qualified Latino Republican seeking office, please let us know at We’re looking to support reformers who will take action to improve local governments across the state!