GROW Elect Update: Mayor Alex Vargas – A Reformer in City Hall

GROW Elect Profile: Hawthorne Mayor Alex Vargas – A Reformer in City Hall


Successful GROW Elect candidate and new Mayor of the City of Hawthorne Alex Vargas has impressed many with a remarkable turn-around of the city’s financial health and prospects for economic development. Just this month, the City Hall celebrated a financial triumph with a new balanced budget that erased the city’s $4.4 million deficit.

“We’re not like the previous administration who tried to include imaginary future developments in the budget,” Mayor Alex Vargas said. “We’re not doing that. We’re being real with you. Do you guys balance your checkbooks with money you don’t have? Well, that’s what they were doing before. I’m really proud of this administration for doing it this way.”

Mayor Vargas acknowledged the tough work needed to accomplish reform, to reach a balanced budget, and to approve new developments that will be creating more private sector jobs in the city.

“We cut out the BS,” Vargas said. “It’s not a singular vision up here, it’s a united vision. Yes, we get annoyed with each other. We express it but we work things out. We’re looking at creating a surplus of recurrent revenue.”


Calling All Candidates – GROW Can Help Your Campaign


Filing for local elections in California has begun. The deadline to file to run for office in November is mid- August. GROW Elect is supporting candidates who are running for local offices in this November election. We provide financial and strategic support for qualified candidates. We are proud to have helped our candidates win over 125 elections since we started. If you are a candidate for local office in California, or if you know someone who is, please contact GROW Elect at


Santa Clarita Mayor Pro Tem Dante Acosta – an Advocate for Fiscal Responsibility


Mayor Pro Tem of Santa Clarita Dante Acosta is running to represent the 38th Assembly District in November. GROW Elect was his strongest supporter and he won a sweeping victory in the June primary. As a member of the Santa Clarity City Council, the local newspaper said: “…he has become respected as an advocate for fiscal responsibility, public safety, and issues affecting youth and seniors.” We know he will be a strong voice for fiscal responsibility and economic growth in Sacramento. As that newspaper said in their endorsement of him: “It seems we have another rising star in our midst.”

You can connect with Mayor Pro Tem Dante Acosta on his Facebook page at: